Research Projects on NFS, NAT/DNAT, firewalld, EBTABLES, DNS, DataGuard, Oracle RAC, DRBD (Network Based RAID), OpenStack Storage, Oracle Backup Solution (RMAN) and so on using Virtualization

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My primary passion is towards computer systems especially on the Networking, Linux, Databases, Python, Perl and Java and evolving/emerging opensource technologies like OpenStack Storage, Chef, MCollective, ActiveMQ and so on to name a few. Maintaining this site thus isn't my primary passion; that said I have been trying to keep it up-to-date to the best hoping that it helps someone their inquisitive ride on experiments (like me!)

Most of the these were done using VMs (VBOX) that I configured on two assembled Windows 7.0 Servers, quick specs here - EVGA MOB,Intel i7 Chipset,16GB RAM (Corsair) and raided SSD Drives on HAF-935 Cooler Master.

NFS Data Hacking using NAT/ARPSPOOF and preventing it using EBTABLES [ Redhat/CentOS 7.x ] NFS Hacking using NAT (Network-Address-Translation) [ Redhat/CentOS 7.x ] Quick command reference. Man-In-The-Middle-Attack (MITM) using arpspoof [ Redhat/CentOS 7.x ] Setup DNS Master/Slave on Redhat/CentOS 6.5 OpenStack SWIFT Storage Service on Redhat/CentOS 6.4 (3 Storage Nodes/1 Swift Proxy Node) Oracle11gR2 RAC (Real Application Clusters) on Redhat/CentOS 5.8 Configuring Oracle Data Guard – Physical Standby with Fast-Start Fail Over using SuSE 11.2 and Oracle 11g. Open Source Project : Oracle RMAN Backup Solution Teradata STANDBY Database with few simple steps. SHMMAX and SHMALL for Oracle in Linux. Configuring Network RAID with DRBD using Suse Linux 11.4 (x86_64) [Single Primary Mode] Setup a Network RAID with DRBD and OCFS2 on Suse Linux 11.4 - Dual Primary Mode